Thrifty Thursday: My Fridge Food

My Fridge FoodOkay, so this isn’t the average “Thrifty Thursday” post because I haven’t posted too many things to make this week… Ask my roommate, our fridge is the emptiest it’s been since I moved in! Instead, I wanted to share with y’all this fantastic website called “My Fridge Food” (


All you do is click on the ingredients you already have in your pantry or fridge and it links you to recipes that use only those ingredients!  So next time you feel like having a meal more exciting than just a pack of ramen but you don’t want to spend the money, you should give this a try! Granted, the few times I’ve used the site it tells me I can make omelets and baked goods because all I had really had were eggs and a ton of flour, sugar, etc. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with brownies for dinner, right?


There are two options: Quick Kitchen and Detailed Kitchen. Quick Kitchen consists of things like rice, bananas, bread, etc… simple foods. The detail kitchen goes crazy into detail with items such as Ginger Ale, Coco Mix, Coconut Water… So the foodie’s kitchen whose pantry might as well be a grocery store.

This is a cheap, easy way to make great meals from home with ingredients you already have in your kitchen! Happy eating everybody, and if you try this and it works let me know here!

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