About Me

Hey y’all!  My name is Erin and I’m currently a graduate student at Southern Methodist University.  While I’ll be pursuing my masters in advertising, I did my undergraduate work in film.  Film has taken me to some pretty remarkable places, most notably the Cannes International Film Festival in 2011, and it has always been a passionate area in my life.  Since I won’t be studying or working in film for the next two years, I thought I would take this time to pursue another interest of mine: Cooking.  Now… I’m not the best cook, my mother can attest to that.  In fact, she was worried I would starve to death once I had to cook for myself!  But these past few years I’ve learned to love it and it has turned into a part of this world that truly brings me happiness.  Another thing in this world that truly makes me happy is spending time with the people I love, which is partially what inspired me to create this blog in the first place.

So with that, I hope this blog will give you an excuse to celebrate life with great people and great food!  Enjoy!!



If you attempted one of the recipes found on this site, I’d love to hear how they turned out!  Or if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to help you out.  Simply shoot me an email!


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