Eating My Feelings in Prague!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go and visit my boyfriend Parker in Prague for my Spring Break! He’s studying at a European film school for the semester, and he couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to live for five months. I stayed for a little over a week and we … Continue reading

Eating My Feelings at Rachel’s Apartment

Another #tbt or throwback Thursday post for y’all to enjoy: I have to share these pictures with you guys! Who says you need to go out to a fancy restaurant to have a culinary adventure?! Rachel, my good friend from my graduate program, invited me over for a homemade Chinese lunch. This was serious stuff … Continue reading

Eating My Feelings at NOBU Dallas

Since today is Thursday (it is Thursday right? …been a long week), I wanted to honor the internet fad of #TBT, or Throwback Thursday for people who don’t feel obligated to hashtag every other word when sharing their thoughts with the world. This trend involves posting old pictures of yourself as a toddler or revisiting … Continue reading

Eating My Feelings at the Texas State Fair

Hey y’all! I had to share with you my recent foodie adventure at the Texas State Fair. It’s something I look forward to every year! Not only because of the outrageous fried food, but because it’s a wonderful day out with friends. And Sunday was no exception! The weather was picture perfect. Big Tex was … Continue reading